Introducing WOLFBANE, the untamed ALPHA of pre-workouts that will take your fitness game to new heights! Are you tired of feeling like just another sheep amidst a crowded gym? Well, it’s time to break free and become the ALPHA LYCAN in your domain!

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary workout experience with WOLFSBANE – specially crafted to ignite your inner strength and push past any limit standing in your way. Feel its raw power surge through your veins as every rep becomes more intense, every lift more explosive. No obstacle can tame those who dare to conquer their goals with us by their side!

But beware – this is not for the faint-hearted or mere beginners looking for a leisurely stroll in the gym. With Wolfsbane by your side, be ready to embrace powerful gains, intense focus, and unrivaled endurance required only by true warriors seeking greatness.

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  1. BJ

    solid daily driver

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  2. HB

    Great flavour (Lycan Blood) and I can genuinely say it really helps with my workouts.

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  3. GH

    Top tier daily driver with no negatives

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  4. MF

    Love it! Stacked this pre with their Grand Champ sample and omdzzzz was buzzing, no crash and that feel of euphoria at the end was just awesome. Taking it alone is enough tbh and the this taste is best! Mixes well too!

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  5. MG
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